Has Looking Good Become That Important? 

With a world where digital marketing is taking over, having a business website has become vital and there is just no escaping it. Though it is evident that content marketing is the trending the digital marketing world, how do you imagine putting across your content to that large an audience without a website?

Content matters, but so does your website.

According to a research conducted on digital marketing, 75 percent of your audience judges the credibility of your business based on your web design. And clearly, credibility is directly proportional to the sales. The better the relations you establish with your customers, better will be your sales.

People look forward to relatable content and a great web design that helps them navigate through it easily and quickly. To ensure that your website conveys your business efficiency, look for cheap web hosting php services that will make sure all the elements of your website are optimized - be it content or images or plugins.

Another argument to testify web design’s importance is that a web design that prompts the user with call to action buttons and nudges him to buy, impacts the conversion your website generates. Changing the basic elements of your website like navigation through the various tabs, can up the conversions like magic. These lifts in conversion can give you that extra edge over your competition.  


Even if you are actively promoting your business through offline advertising channels, people are going to visit your website for ‘more information.’ The website serves as a digital business card that is easily distributed over a large audience.  So make sure that the efforts you put into offline marketing are matched with those that you put into online marketing - your website.

Billboards and print ads are a popular source of promoting your product but people rather sit at home and gain whatever knowledge they want about a brand. The Internet seems to have an answer for all their queries. A prospective customer will definitely take a look at your website before doing any kind of business with you.  With the kind of competition around you, it is imperative you hire professional help because they will be more clued up about selling your products that you are. You need to be sure your website gives out the right message and wins hearts of those visiting it for being ‘trustworthy.’

A visitor takes only 4 to 6 seconds to decide whether they are going to continue browsing through all your webpages or not. You need to be sure each page of your nudges the user to interact with it. And knowing that bounce offs are just not welcome, this is how significant a website is for every company. When you fail to communicate, there are two things that are going to start reflecting on the lower side of the graph - the number of customers and the income you generate through your website. 

A website is the only way in today’s world to create that first everlasting impression on your customers to keep them hooked onto you. So, get to work my friend! You don’t want to miss out on some business.