Lets Get Started On A Good Web Design: Web Designing Tips


Everyone asks you to make a web page that people keep coming back to but never really tell you how you could improve your existing web page. Here are some tips that might just help you with that:

Create a polished, professional logo.

A logo is like the face of the company. Use a high resolution image and feature it on the top left corner of each web page of your website. Make sure it is linked to the home page of your website, to ensure easy navigation.

Easy Navigation.

If you have offered content category wise, make sure the browser can easily navigate from one page to another. Use intuitive navigation. Instead of putting excessive links on your web page, add some call to action buttons or add primary information at the mid or bottom of your page. One thing that you need to make sure while designing your website, is creating a great landing page; it is the only way to ensure the browser is going to browse through the rest of your webpages.

Clutter Free Please!

The users have access to unlimited information; thanks to the Internet. If they visit your website, it is clearly because they think it will offer crisp information that will resolve their issues in a jiffy rather than them having to go from one web page to another looking for answers. Don’t overdo your website content. Add only that information and elements that are absolutely required. A clutter free website conveys the business image as not being too desperate for sales.

Space It Out Well.

Give enough space between paragraphs and images to ensure that the readers absorb all the information in the best way possible; and admire the piece of content that you spent hours creating.


Choose the color theme for your website wisely. Keep the tone neutral if you want your website to give an elegant and modern look. But make sure the headlines or key graphics have a dash of color to grab the reader’s attention. The one thing that you need to pay attention to closely is that the color theme of the rest of your website complements your business logo.

Image Happy, But Make It Professional.

We all know the importance of images in today’s date but what we don’t consider while adding images to our website is the fact that they are going to be viewed on a range of device screen sizes. Make sure you add only high resolution images to your website to give it a professional look, but don’t forget to optimize to make sure they load quickly!


Your website is surely going to offer content to its readers, and that content is vital to your business. So, make sure the font you choose to represent all the information is easy to comprehend and pleasing to the eye at the same time.

Every Page Needs Attention!

Everyone focuses on creating a great landing page and put in less effort when creating the rest of your web pages. Even though a landing page decides whether a viewer is going to browse through the rest of the page, each web page decides whether the viewer is going to come back to your website again. Therefore make sure you add all the necessary elements to each web page to nudge the viewer to interact with your business.

Respect The Fold.

Many web designers have forgotten the importance of the fold of a web page. The fold should only and only be used to give out important information like contact and a few call to action buttons. 80 percent of a web page is available for you to offer content in whatever way that suits you best, but this 20 percent of the way just has to be “clutter free.”

Responsive Web Design.

In today’s date all your customers and the potential ones don’t have the time to sit down at their systems to visit your website. They are forever on the go, which means your website is going to be viewed on a mobile device. Make sure the web design of your website is responsive and adapts automatically to the device it is being viewed on to ensure it loads efficiently and bounce offs are avoided.

Test Your Design!

Even though you test every element of your website while designing it, it is always advisable to test it when you are done designing it completely. Not only is it to make sure that the navigation and other plugins and extensions to your site are working efficiently, it avoids face saving later! You have a business image to maintain, so make sure you don’t miss this step.

Got anything more to add? Feel free to do so.

Happy Designing!